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Shelf2Cart Sep 6, 2023 2 min read

Welcoming Autumn's Comfort Foods: A Guide for Grocers

As the days shift in temperature and grow shorter, there is a natural inclination to seek warmth in the form of comfort foods. With fall’s changing colors and cozy feelings, shoppers tend to indulge in warm meals and delights to satisfy their bodies.

Studies from M.S. Foods and Nutrition show that the colder weather creates a biological change within us, causing us to crave warm, comfort foods. This change in temperature, along with changes in sunlight exposure, causes our bodies to seek foods higher in sugar and fats to combat fatigue. These foods can often include mac n' cheese, soups, pastas, or even mashed potatoes. Autumn weather also brings increased cravings for warm, roasted vegetables. Promoting these items during the autumn season can be a great way to appeal to your shoppers' comfort food needs. 

How to Display Comfort Foods in Your Store

Featuring comfort foods such as steamed vegetables or prepared meals helps take advantage of your shoppers’ cravings. Fresh squash, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, or sweet potatoes are a few fall veggies your shoppers can incorporate into their meals. For cross-promotional sales, place pastas or broths next to root vegetables to create a more convenient shopping experience.

Signage can help direct your shoppers to your store’s seasonal products. Shelf2Cart offers a full assortment of signs and mounting hardware to use throughout your store. With our 750 options for point of purchase signage for your grocery store, shoppers can locate their favorite fall items. Visit our online store to find more information here.

With the change of seasons comes shoppers’ heightened desires for comfort foods. Take advantage of this sales opportunity by offering a wide selection of fresh fall vegetables and heat-and-eat prepackaged meals. This way, your store can fully embrace the fall season and satisfy your shoppers’ cravings.

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