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Jun 2, 2022 4 min read

Product Feature: Chalkboard Signage and Labels

When a customer enters your store and begins to browse the center aisles or perimeter areas, the clock starts ticking. You have a very short amount of time to make a big impression, to capture their attention and to draw their interest. In fact, Paco Underhill, author of Why We Buy, says you have about four seconds to prove, via signage, that a particular product is worthy of moving from shelf to cart.

Research by A.T. Kearney shows that 40 percent of consumers spend more money than initially planned while in retail stores. If you can disrupt a customer’s shopping routine and draw their attention to a particular product or promotion, you’ve increased the odds of impulse buying.

But how do you capture shopper attention in a busy store filled with a wide array of visual stimulation? Consider chalkboard signage and labels.

The Benefits of Chalkboard Signage

chalkboardCustom Look, Complementary Style

Chalkboard signs  look, feel and perform like a real chalkboard, and they’re the perfect way to accent or highlight specific products or sections. Standard   chalkboard signs might come with a red, green, yellow or wood grain border, but can also be customized to perfectly match store colors, themes or existing signage.

Chalkboard signs and labels are well-suited for stores with a rustic, artisan vibe, though  with their black and white color scheme, they are also the perfect complement to existing point-of-purchase materials. When used in a cheese case or alongside items like handmade soaps, they lend a premium, upscale feel.

Options for Design Customization 

Chalkboard case signage can be printed on-demand via The Merchandiser®, and the look can vary with font choice and ink color. Chalkboard signs printed with a bright white ribbon really pop, while signs printed with a silver ribbon have a chalky, rustic look. Creating the perfect look is quick and easy, as ribbons can be swapped out of The Merchandiser® in seconds. Labels can be designed to coordinate with this look also, with clear or paper label material, and preprinted or customized in your store or central kitchen with The Merchandiser® software and printing system.

Copy on larger, poster-sized chalkboard signs can be handwritten using a permanent marker or chalk, allowing for additional personalization and creativity.  It is best to ask a team member with a talent for hand lettering for some assistance. Cluttered, messy signs are both confusing and distracting to shoppers.

Multiple In-Store Uses

Chalkboard signs and labels are an eye-catching addition to the fresh perimeter departments like produce, meat, bakery and deli, but they can be used anywhere throughout the store. Shape is only limited by the imagination. Standard shapes include rectangle, rectangle burst, oval, round and square burst.

Make sure to laminate signs going into freezer cases to protect them from moisture and extend their life. Even the most eye-catching sign loses its punch when it is curled or tattered.

Chalkboard signs are premium and deliver a lot of impact  , and when used alongside other store signage, they are an appealing and efficient way to encourage shoppers to move more product from the shelf to their cart.

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